SAP Project Lifecycle

I completed the ABAP Academy, and got certified in August 2023.

With my mentor as the customer, I proposed a project and created a app prototype in SAP.  The application uses advanced list views, or ALVs to generate UIs for maintaining a database.

The relations are not trivial.
The stores have properties like close at, open at, and they contain large car inventories.
Cars have various types; sedan, hatchback etc.

The project uses a menu where we can navigate to a customer.  The customer has a name and ordered items which are cars.

Orders can be placed in a view I created with 3 different ALVs:
The order placing screen lets us see a store's inventory, and add cars from that store to an order for customer.
The order can be placed in this screen as well.

SQL backends help update the databases in the SAP system which I developed in the project.

This project proved my ability in ABAP and I acquired a certificate of course proficiency.
My certificate link: https://abapacademy.com/certificates/aacp-20230831-sd/

My mentor enabled me to succeed with ABAP in my own way.
Thank you Ladislav!



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